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    About Us


    GreenLife Dental Laboratory is one of the India’s first fully digitalized dental laboratory, and all of our restorations are fabricated using state of the art equipment. Although being a relatively new player in the world of dentistry, GreenLife Dental has already made an impressive stamp on the industry by winning FMC Professional’s award for Best Crown and Bridge Laboratory in 2018.
    Through effectively digitalising and growing our laboratory, we are proud to say that we completed over 2000 model free Trios restorations within 12 months, which is more than any other company in India. This success was noticed by Tais Clausen, the owner of 3Shape, who visited our lab and described GreenLife Dental as being his “vision of all future dental laboratories”.
    Our clients are always impressed with our fast turn around times, impeccable service and can rely on our consistently high quality products; made from Bruxzir Zirconia. For these reasons, we now supply to over 200 dentists across India & International and our client profile is increasing daily. Our focus is on the one on one customer service we offer to our dentists, so that we can continue to build trusting, working relationships that last for years.

    why choose us

    Reasons why we're widely favored

    Work with Hearts

    We care for your dental health with a great compassion & understanding so that you can have the best smile.

    Serve with Smile

    The smile never fades on our doctors’ faces as they always want to create an atmosphere that feels comfortable.

    Quality Assurance

    We are ready to check for any teeth issue at our center and at any time of the day, even on weekends & holidays.

    High Accuracy

    When your teeth are decayed or damaged, we use modern tools to detect the area and provide treatment.

    Easy Warranty

    We provide warranty for all our product and offer many promotions for members of our center.

    Flexible Installment

    We allow periodic installments of purchasing costs in case customers are unable to afford the price of services.

    Premium Quality, Advanced Dental Technologies with Flat Prices

    Latest Clinic News

    Stay tuned for our up-to-date news and events in dentistry written by our specialists at GreenLife.


    01. How can ship patienst's cases/impressions/models ?
    You can send your cases/impressions/models through UPS or DHL services to our lab in India. You can also avail of discounts by using our corporate account with UPS.
    02. What is TAT (turn around time) for product delivery ?
    Physical impression work, once received, is completed and returned in 7-8 business day, which includes a lab Turn Around Time of 3 days. Shipping is arranged through UPS. A digital/STL file work, can be delivered faster in less than a week’s time.
    03. Which shipment service do you recommend ?
    We do not have any specific preferences however as experienced, UPS delivers packages in 2-3 business days which is faster compared to DHL, which takes 4-5 days. DHL is comparatively cheaper however time consuming.
    04. Can i sent digital files / scan files ?
    We do accept intra-oral scan files and model scan files ready for design and mill from most systems used worldwide. We do print 3D Models of STL file to complete restoration process with ceramic work. Work is completed with CAD CAM technology for all fixed restorations crowns & bridge work.
    05. What are the payments options you have available ?
    Payment terms for all our new customers are on advance basis . A Proforma Invoice is sent for the orders received in the lab. The payment options you have available are via Bank wire transfer, Credit Cards and Paypal . We will provide the bank details for payment processing along with the proforma invoice.